A b o u t

My passion for architecture started from a very young age and has since developed. Having studied the profession, I have picked up a hierarchy of skills which attain to the Architectural dominion of today. 

With the ability to view the different typologies in Architecture I feel that I have been fortunate to partake in assisting and designing within different countries such as Spain and Ghana. Through travelling to various countries, I gathered a liking for various types of buildings. From Classical to contemporary Architecture It has given me a good perspective on the marvels that Architects have produced over a period of time. 

My design and investigations have taken place largely in Europe and West Africa. From Italian Architecture on piazzas and palazzos to understanding the ever developing urbanism in Accra, these studies have provided research towards Architectural projects I have envisioned and helped designed.  

"Aspire to Inspire"

I believe that Architecture challenges my innovative potential, resulting in the invention of my own unique, authentic designs. Although it is down to the individual to achieve the best he/she possibly can, I postulate that with a good foundation, life's experiences will aid in benefiting my future thoughts and processes when it comes to design.This way I can go on to make a significant effect on a world that has already been created with meticulous dexterity and love, and inspire a generation after me.
For any architectural work please send an e-mail to: koranteng@live.co.uk

Beside Architecture, photography plays a significant role within my life. It is a combination of subjective thought, creativity, imaginary and technical skills, which all form into thoughts as the trigger button is pushed. I have worked on various photography work and often go out on ventures to see what different things I can discover. Within God's creativity I love to capture His marvels that surround us and have no selfish desires. 


Cameras - Canon 5D MKII/Canon 6D, Canon 500D, Canon AE-1 (Film)
Lenses -   Canon: 50mm F1.4, 100m F2.8 Macro, 70-200mm F2.8L IS II, 24-105mm f4

When shooting weddings and engagements I tend to shoot with my photography partner David Ansah. With my attention to detail and his skills in lighting we provide a inner quality that is provided through imagery. Dealing with pre-wedding photos, engagements and weddings, we collaboratively work as a team to deliver a high quality package to all of our clients. If you require any wedding/engagement photography consultations please feel free to email me at koranteng@live.co.uk

For any other photography work please send an e-mail to koranteng@live.co.uk

Kingsley Koranteng